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Time Management Fortress: Coping skills for withstanding life's challenges
October 26, 2008


Building a stronger foundation for your success, one skill at a time

October 26, 2008

Developing coping skills to withstand life's setbacks

Your coping skills are your ability to handle life's challenges in the most effective ways, maximizing your chances of success or survival, and minimizing the damages and other negative consequences.

There is a virtually unlimited spectrum of difficult, or even potentially devastating, situations that life could hit you with, sooner or later. Will you be lost and destroyed under stress or will you stay in control and do the best that can be done?

While some of the coping skills and strategies (or rather tactics) are specific to the type of challenges you are facing, the most important of those skills are fairly universal. Your ability to cope well and stay in control depends most on your strengths in the following two areas:
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