Burnout symptoms

Having a basic idea of burnout symptoms could help you to recognize the problem early, when it has not yet lead to any irreversible consequences. Fortunately, burnout typically develops gradually, in stages, from light form to a heavier and heavier one. That gives you some time to notice it early and make some adjustments. But you need to pay attention to warning signals in how you feel. Unfortunately, some people don't listen to those signals until it is impossible to ignore them any more.

Burnout symptoms can be of emotional or physical nature.

Some known examples of physical symptoms of job burnout include

  • headaches
  • sleep problems
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • chronic fatigue
  • muscle aches
  • high blood pressure
  • frequent colds
  • sudden weight loss or gain

Burnout symptoms of emotional nature include, but are not limited to, prolonged periods of

  • apathy
  • frustration
  • depression
  • anger
  • negative or cynical attitude
  • being unexcited about life
  • inclinations to high risk behaviors
  • high emotional volatility
  • high irritability

Almost any of these symptoms could actually mean something else, like some psychological or physical health problem. It always makes sense to consult your physician. Yet, when you see a combination of burnout symptoms, it is time to take a break and have a careful look at your life style and work habits. Especially when your life situation contains burnout threats (such as never ending excessive workload at your job) or your occupation has higher job burnout risk (for example, manager, entrepreneur, medical doctor or nurse, teacher, social worker, sales person).

Are you at risk of burnout syndrome?
Recognize the risks and causes of burnout syndrome. You are much better off preventing burnout now than putting your life back together later.

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