Goal achieving and self control

The first step towards successful goal achieving is to realize that you are in control of your life.

Typically we are quite sure about having full control over our choices. Yet, we hardly notice how opinions and beliefs of different people around us penetrate deep down into our subconsciousness.

There are many subtle ways how we can be manipulated to serve somebody else's misbeliefs or selfish interests. It can be your parents, friends, your boss, coworkers, and so on. Many of those people wish you only good, but they have many different sides in their personalities, and lives of their own. When you set your goals and objectives you should feel totally sure that this is indeed your goals, and you really want to reach those goals. It simply won't work otherwise.

Speaking about self-control, what is your attitude to the role of external factors in your success? You have the full power over your choices. Yet, the outcomes of those goal achieving choices and decisions also depend on many other factors, like weather, accidents, competitors, which are often unpredictable and not under your control. It is better to accept that truth. You are achieving much more if, instead of trying to control uncontrollable and predict unpredictable, you concentrate on factors that depend on you.

Based on extensive goal setting research, it is strongly recommended that in your goal achieving you focus on conditions and odds for a desired outcome, rather than on the outcome itself. This will protect your motivation. Your subconscious mind will be much more on your side too. So, just remember that performance goals work much better than outcome goals.

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