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Goal setting articles contain more detailed information on various particular goal setting aspects and situations. Before focusing on one narrow aspect, it is often useful to start from introductory information in goal setting guidelines.

The Ultimate Secrets of Goal Setting published at www.usa-gymnastics.org, is quite a good goal setting article with a few interesting facts and inspiring stories, which make it an enjoyable reading.

Useful information on goal setting and time management can be found in a free electronic book at patsula.com , in book 3 from the Personal Plan section. Besides goal setting tips, you may benefit a lot from the many other free business planning books there with concise and comprehensive advice on many practical issues. Especially useful if you are starting or running your own small business.

Set Realistic Goals is a chapter of a known Psychological Self Help book. Discusses the importance of having goals and setting them within your control, provides guidelines for how to make goals motivating and attainable.

A review of goal setting articles in Coaching Science Abstracts covers research articles on a broad variety of goal setting and achievement issues, especially in connection to sports and motivation theories.

The main objective of the reviews is to show coaches the importance and essence of different types of goal setting. The goal setting articles referred there include such topics as group and team goals, goal setting and productivity, mastery versus outcomes, process goals, multiple versus single goals, problems with goal setting research, role of external pressures, practical uses of setting goals, goal standards, and the role of performance feedback.

Goal setting articles at selfgrowth.com is a resource with goal setting articles submitted by many different people. The articles are typically short, and their quality varies from author to author. You can pick up quite a few useful goal setting tips there. The site is also a directory of resources for many other self improvement topics.

Inspiration Line is a free weekly e-mail magazine filled with inspiring articles, poems, uplifting quotes, historic wonders, interesting news, humor and positive life coaching ... plus helpful tips on relationship skills, pet care, health, computing, world travel and more.

CoachingtoHappiness.com aims to find the simplest, quickest and most painless route to beat stress, boost self-esteem, motivation, purpose and happiness for people who make being happier in life a priority.

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