Using a goal setting form or worksheet

A goal setting form or worksheet has certain advantages. They may be a convenient learning tool when making first goal setting steps, like in high school lessons. Goal setting forms or worksheets can also be helpful if you feel they stimulate you to actually sit and write your goals. They are also easy if you use them for a one time goal setting exercise, just to fill them out and forget.

After you learn basic goal setting principles and acquire some goal writing skills, you can do even better with just a plain sheet of paper. At least if you don't have many goals to manage.

As soon as you grow more serious about your goals and objectives, and it is not just a one time exercise, a simple paper system or just a goal setting form will slow you down.

In particular, while it is important to stick to your goals, you need significant flexibility in your objectives and activities. Your objectives are important part of goal planning process, as they serve your goals and connect them to changing circumstances. Even if the direction of your goals does not change, time after time you feel the need to clarify their formulation.

With a paper system it is easy to become reluctant to sharpen your goals or readjust your objectives to new facts and experiences. It is just too much rewriting work. Of course, doing that rewriting work may help to keep your goal setting system alive, but will be taking more of your time. It is also quite difficult to have a visible hierarchy of your goals, objectives, and activities. In any case, with a goal setting form or worksheet, or just plain paper, you serve your goal writing system rather than the system serves you.

Fortunately, there are flexible computer-based alternatives.

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