Struggle to build targeted traffic?

This page is for people or businesses who plan to bring anything online or might already have a web site, and who are interested in attracting targeted web audience to their information or services.

What is not used does not buy traffic, like one might do via pay per click search engines. For now, it does not use any paid listings in major directories, like Though still understanding the importance of external links to the site, the site does not trade the quality of information and links out just for a link exchange, to increase link popularity. No paid online or offline advertising either. Though time after time the pages or links to this site are used in training sessions or time management seminars, this is still a small percentage compared to the rest of the traffic.

The state of the traffic so far

Even before using any of those above traffic building techniques, which sometimes can be costly without reasonable return on investment, still manages to have traffic of over 6,000 unique visitors, around 20,000 page views per month. And this is for a site with only around 30 pages. (I see traffic grow as I add more pages.)

In June 2003, is in the top 167,020 sites on the web, based on toolbar ranking. With over 40 million active sites on the web (according to June 2003 survey), that places within the top 0.5 percent of all active web sites.

The actual traffic sources

So, where the traffic comes from? According to the log statistics, most of traffic is from search engines(indexed for free, no paid listings or paid inclusions), especialy from and related domains like,, or

Most of this traffic is highly targeted at the specific information I have on the site pages. This is what I conclude from the keywords used in the searches that lead to my site. Like, for example, "time management techniques", "effective delegation", or "personal goal setting".

Note also that I don't spend time on researching the newest tricks to get higher search engines rankings. I don't trust tricks, I focus only on what I believe can work in the longer term, such as theme-focused niche sites.

How it is done

Now, after I described the situation I've arrived at by now, a few words on what I've done so far.

Well, I didn't invent any strategies of my own. Basically, all I did about traffic, web site building, administration, tracking, reporting, etc, was to rely completely on the Solo Build It! system.

I trusted the Solo Build It! manual for understanding and for a detailed action plan for what to aim at and what to do. I relied on Solo Build It! Express newsletter (for Solo Build It! owners) for keeping me up to date on any important changes in the relevant web technologies, search engine situation, or anything else that affects the business. And I used the Suite Build It! to make this all happen in practice, for domain name registration and web hosting, keyword research and niche identification, web traffic tracking and web statistic reporting, web design, search engine optimization, submission and rank tracking.

I haven't ever feel a need for any extra tools. I don't even have an HTML reference on my desk. My focus has been on writing the content pages. All the rest I've left to Solo Build It!.

Cost effectiveness

Finally, what can I say about Solo Build It! cost effectiveness for me? While its yearly fee seems affordable even with a student budget, this is probably not the main point. What is more important is the site's ability to pay for itself. Within its first year, while growing from nothing, the site brought back a few times the invested fee. And it continues to earn even when it is left untouched. The source of the earnings is the affiliate commissions.

Shared revenue (affiliate) programs are a rapidly growing phenomenon on the web. Affiliate programs are commonly used to help cover the costs of maintaining the web sites, by many corporate sites or sites that sell a product or service of their own, and even by nonprofit sites and other purpose sites (hobby or personal). For some people affiliate programs become a part-time home business.

Whatever you planned to do with the affiliate revenues, much of the Solo Build It! system is build around maximizing those revenues. I didn't know about affiliate programs before the Solo Build It!, but I gained much of the necessary expertise, enough to make things work, via the Solo Build It! manual. Later I read some more books (it is mainly e-books that are available) on affiliate marketing. Sometimes I could see a few extra tricks, but I could not find anybody who covered all the affiliate business fundamentals as clearly and thoroughly as Ken Envoy in the Solo Build It! manual. Actually many of those e-books refer to Ken Envoy as one of the key authorities in the affiliate marketing.

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