Selected stress management articles and tips

This is a growing selection of stress management articles and tips from various authors, primarily from experts in stress management related fields.

The Physiology of Stress by Dr. Rajiv Laroiya
If the stress continues unabated, the body can actually experience adrenal fatigue, where the body can no longer deal adequately with the perceived stress. Commonly known as burnout, the body’s ability to respond to any stress becomes compromised.

Assess Your Stress Using Hari's Stress Inventory, a stress management article by Dr. Hari S. Chandran
This is a tool to measure the amount of stress you experience in your daily life. 66 statements are included. Read slowly and carefully, state how far it is true in your case...

More stress management articles are expected to be included in the near future.

Stress management essentials
Introduction to stress management. Critical connections between stress management and time management.

Are you at risk of burnout syndrome?
Recognize the risks and causes of burnout syndrome. You are much better off preventing burnout now than putting your life back together later.

Personal time management and goal setting guide main page
Practical information and advice on various personal time management and goal setting topics.