Student time management tips

Well-developed student time management skills is a foundation of good study habits. Here are a few recommended articles on time management for students.

Struggling to find time to learn time management?
Just using your commute time smarter may be enough to learn all the time management principles and techniques you ever need. Especially with your ipod.

How to avoid procrastination
Ability to beat procrastination and laziness is among the most important time management skills to learn. Identify your causes of procrastination and start fighting it now.

Time Management for University Students
Quite a good personal time management guide. Well written and illustrated. Among the key issues covered are goal setting, urgency versus importance, effectiveness versus efficiency, together with advice on monthly, weekly, and daily planning. Can be recommended not only for students. Tips on making a daily things to do list
Time management tips for organizing your days with a prioritized things to do list.

Student Time Management
An introduction to time management strategies for students.

Student Time Management Principles
A short summary of basic guidelines on time management for college students.

Our Time Management Fortress Newsletter
Building a stronger foundation for your success skills.
College and University resource site for students dealing with real life issues. Offers articles and tips on subjects such as: sex and love, relationships, academics, career, and spirituality. Has online mentors that speak with students about issues of college.

Personal time management and goal setting guide main page
Practical information and advice on various personal time management and goal setting topics.

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