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Here is a selection of helpful team building and team work resources including team building seminars, workshops, articles, team training companies, and other related links. Team Building and Team Leadership seminar
A seminar offered by the Office of Personnel Management of the Federal Government's Human Resources Agency. Aims to help team leaders and team members, and others who are working in a team environment to foster commitment towards common goals and to develop other fundamental team work skills.

Stratford University Team Building Culinary Workshops
An effective team building exercises that involve team preparation of a four-course meal. Focuses on developing team problem solving, creativity, organization and planning, and other related skills.

Team Building Skills
at Principal Investigator and Research Administrator Human Resources Management of the University of Iowa. An article that overviews common characteristics of high performance teams, based on the Ken Blanchard’s book, The One-Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams. Team building exercises, employee motivation, employee training
A UK based company provides helpful resources for improving effectiveness of human resource management, team building exercises, and motivation employee training in organizations.

Team Building USA A company that offers corporate team building and management coaching/training throughout the United States in a variety of settings.

Team work and team building essentials
Good understanding of team work and team building are critical for your business success or corporate office career. Tips and insights into team work and team building principles and activities.

Corporate team building exercises, activities, and games
Important insights into various aspects of corporate team building exercises, games, and activities.

Team building and team work quotes
Selected team work quotes and quotations related to different aspects of team building, team work, and team motivation.

Personal time management and goal setting guide main page
Practical information and advice on various personal time management and goal setting topics.

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