Are you struggling to find time to learn time management?

When you are facing time management challenges, it may be hard to find time to read books or attend time management seminars. But don't give up.

Instead, think of how much time you spend commuting or driving. When you are driving, do you listen to music or the radio? Do you have an ipod you could use during your commute?

If you manage to listen to anything, you could as well, and as easily, listen to personal growth audiobooks, including time management lessons or other inspiring self improvement tapes or CDs. Just keep them on. Not only will you learn, but you will also feel energized after being in a company of those inspiring speakers.

Time management advice is not to difficult to comprehend. It typically does not require intense thinking or research to understand. What is much more important is how much those time management principles and techniques become a part of you, how deeply they penetrate into your mind. This is why learning in small bits over an extended period of time, with each of those bits repeated a few times, will beat the effect of any intense time management seminar.

Listening to educational audiobooks in your car seems to be a small change in your habits. Yet, those ten minute pieces will add up fast. Over a few months you will have a dozen of books deeply imprinted in your mind. The words of wisdom from the time management speaker will become a part of your inner voice. If you keep doing this over those months, even without any books or time management seminars, you will be much more ahead in your time management than 90 to 95 percent of people around you.

For optimal learning, it is generally recommended, and my personal experience support that, that you come back to the same audiobook for at least 5 times.

Finally, take a few minutes to think: Are there any other chunks of time during your daily or weekly activities when you could put on an ipod or cd player and listen to self-improvement tapes?

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